You get by with a little help from your friends

It’s true – and it’s the little things that matter. So thanks to everyone who has offered us support in the past month. Your thoughts and actions are appreciated!

There’s not a whole lot that anyone can do. Until recently, we’d say “come visit us!”. But all that’s changed now. We need to take extra precautions when having visitors.

Cancer in a time of COVID-19 is interesting, to say the least. The virus could kill Tam with her weakened immune system. No exaggeration. So we’re avoiding any unnecessary travel into central Bangkok and avoiding contact with anyone we consider ‘high-risk’. Sorry, but these are just unprecedented times and we need to be extra cautious.

Mark drops in to lend a hand

Cool hand Luke!

Good friend Mark recently stopped by to lend a hand around the house. After visiting both Thai Watsadu and Megahome we sourced some materials to better level the BBQ – a job I had been trying to get sorted for months now.

We managed to get a new hose fitted as well. Ironic that it’s raining now for the first time in months. At least I won’t have to water the garden today.

He’s way handier than me, I really suck at some of those jobs.

He also washed the car and some dishes. What a good lad!

A care package arrives from Oz

Mel from Oz sent us some Twinings Irish Breakfast tea and vegemite.

Irish Breakfast hard to get here in Thailand and tea, in general, is expensive. I always stock up whenever we’re in Singapore. Given society is in the process of collapsing I don’t see us heading there anytime soon.

Vegemite is a ‘must-have’ for all Aussie ex-pats, but terribly expensive to buy over here. I should know, I recently treated myself to a 220g jar which cost me $8. Ouch.

I was spoiled by big Dazza gifting me two huge jars a while back which lasted for 3 months.

Thanks so much! She’s the sister I wish I had and we had a great time when she visited Thailand with her mum Christine a few years back. It seems like yesterday.

Patient update

Tam has been as crook as Rookwood since her last chemo infusion. Only Sydneysiders will get that one, but she’s been puking her guts up and hasn’t been able to keep any food down for days. Hard to watch – not much I can do, nor anyone else. Some journeys have to be taken alone.

She’s eating again today after skipping food yesterday. Let’s hope it stays down.

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