We’re back

We’re back

Did ya miss me? Nah, thought so

Redhat was a great little home for the first year or so of my blog, but I wasn’t surprised when they announced they were shutting it down and forcing peeps to migrate to a paid tier.

I’m hitching my horse to the A2 post for a while.

Shelling out a grand total of USD 10 per month for unmanaged VPS hosting. They hand you a VM running Ubuntu 16.04. The rest is up to you..

Unmanaged = you install and setup everything

I had to setup the following to get the blog back up and running:

  • SSH access
  • I’ve posted about this before.

    Don’t forget if using WinPutty you’ll need to convert your key into ppk format:

  • CURL
  • PHP
  • See here

    With your webserver and PHP installed, make sure you test it. Create a file in your root www folder containing the following:

    <? phpinfo(); ?>

    Save it as info.php and point your browser at the file. You should then see a screenfull of info confirming your PHP installation.

    A good litmus test before proceeding further.

  • UFW
  • Don’t forget to allow SSH access before enabling the firewall sudo ufw allow ssh . I did and luckily I could get back in via an HTML5 serial console. Thanks A2, nice feautre, you saved my bacon boys!

  • Web Server
  • I’m using H2o. As per instructions here, I needed the following


    after that you gotta configure the /etc/h2o/h2o.conf file. Make sure to include a directive to handle PHP as such:

    As you can see above, I was going to use HHVM but had some issues so dropped back to FastCGI

  • WordPress
  • Grab the latest via

  • vsftpd
  • FTP server. I don’t leave mine running 😉

  • mysql
  • Yep, had to do this too. Don’t forget to set a strong root password.

Let’s see how it goes..

Update on FTP server

Start the server: sudo serice vsftpd start
Stop the server: sudo service vsftpd stop
Restart: sudo service vsftpd restart

Don’t forget to allow access to port 21:
sudo ufw allow ftp

When finished deny ftp access:
sudo ufw deny ftp

then restart UFW: sudo service ufw restart

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