The mysterious case of the high water bill

The mysterious case of the high water bill

‘Town’ water is cheap over here, and billed monthly, thankfully (see why below). The bill usually runs to about THB 100 or a little more, and has been like that ever since we moved into this house.

Five weeks ago we received a bill of 181 THB, which was nearly double the expected amount. Didn’t think too much of it, willing to ‘keep an eye on it’. Bad move!

Here’s the tip – if you receive an unusually high water bill, your first move should be to check your water meter! (*sees wise heads nodding*)

We didn’t 🙁

The following month a guy from the water authority rocked up with new bill in hand and a notice attached.

The amount? THB 1675. F me !

Ok, now we have a problem Houston.


We can’t find any leaks in or around the house, but there is some ‘hissing’ near one of the outside taps.

I got a bit of a shock when I finally checked the water meter. It was running like a headless chicken.

Was someone stealing our water? (it happens)

Worried the cops were about to show up thinking we were running an indoor grow-op, I investigated as best I could and determined an underground supply pipe had likely ruptured. After turning the supply off at the meter we organised for some repairs which were carried out a few days ago.

All good now, the lads who came out and laid new above-ground piping did a great job.

The cost? THB 5000, which the owner is picking up (over here that’s not a given!) In Oz, not sure that would even cover the call-out fee.

We’re still left to pay the excessive monthly water bill but lessoned learned.

That which hurts, teaches!

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