Soaking up the last few days in the Czech Republic

Soaking up the last few days in the Czech Republic

Back in Bangkok for a week, I’ve had some time to reflect on my time away. It was a good trip, nice to escape the heat of Thailand but I’m glad to be home, and I really missed the wife. More than I thought I would.

Flights 37,500 1,002
Travel Insurance 970 26
Trains & Buses 1,084 29
Food & Drink 22,400 600
Accommodation 11,855 317
Total THB 73,809 EUR 1,974

I managed to keep costs under control and came back with € 175 which was converted to much needed Thai Baht.

All up I spent just under € 2000 (75,000 THB) for a two-week trip.

Amazing (see table at right)

Without a doubt, the beer was the highlight, as intended. It was also good to have some quality thinking time.

Here’s how I kept costs down:

  • Stayed at an Airbnb just outside of town. For € 20 a night I scored a much better room than I would have in a hostel, with a double bed, private bath and kitchenette. Did I mention the wifi was fantastic?
  • Ate cheaply – subsided on a diet of bread rolls filled with meat, cheese and vegetables for the most part. A few pub meals thrown in along with one Maccas meal and a couple of kebabs.
  • Stayed home often (easy as I had work to get through)

Pomme Noisettes? A snack @ Penzion Emma. Yummy with ketchup.

Best memories include:

  • Catching some of the military parade
  • Morning coffee at Malinova when I headed into town
  • Drinking a beer at 10AM in Republic Square looking at the cathedral. (when in Rome..)
  • The beer! – especially Pilsener Urquell
  • Drinking at šenk Na Parkánu and Penzion Emma
  • Walking around the old town
  • Overnighter at Františkovy Lázně

There’s a theme there somewhere.

The last few days

The weather was overcast during my final days in the Czech Republic, which matched my mood. I was keen to head back home.

I headed into town to do some souvenir shopping and drink my last few draft beers before packing and heading to Prague for a night before making the long journey back to Thailand.

Caught the Student Agency bus from CAN, Husova to Zličín, which is also the terminal station for the ‘B’ metro line in Praha. From there a 32 CZK 90 minute ticket covered the metro journey to Nádraží Holešovice which was a 15 minute walk to my accommodation at Hostel 7 (aptly named as it is situated in Praha 7 district)

Nothing flash, but for € 18 a night it did the job. I found the Bila supermarket which is a 10-minute walk from the hostel and put together a feast for my last meal in CZ.

Last Supper – Roast beef, Edam cheese, tomato and mustard on a seeded roll

The next morning I left at 6.30 AM and made the trek to Vaclav Havel airport (and yeah I got off the airport bus too early – fuck me!) where I knocked back a few Venti lattes and waited out the 4 hours until my flight left.

Made the mistake of going to the gate too early for my flight, meaning I had cleared security for no reason and had to exit; never done that before. Absent minded. Turned out there was a gate change for my Czech Airlines flight to Moscow anyway. Note to self – pay attention to the boards and the time.

Packed and uncomfortable flight to Moscow where I threw back a small can of Urquell for € 3.

Fly Aeroflot again? Probably Not

Terminal F at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport isn’t that great. Luckily I only had a few hours to kill there while waiting for my flight home.

Caught out as I didn’t have any Roubles – while I managed to find a money exchange I received the fiscal equivalent of an anal-raping as I only received 1,080 RUB for my € 20 at a rate of 54 while the spot rate is 72.

Managed to buy a burger and a beer along with a small bottle of water with the proceeds. At least the burger was good!

Good thing I ate before the flight as the food onboard was without a doubt the worst I have come across in all my years flying.

When was the last time you flew on a long haul flight with no grog? Welcome to Aeroflot, who it appears did away with the demon drink in economy class many years ago. Who knew?

Boy, the seats were small. The only saving grace was that I had two to myself otherwise I would have gone crazy. Good thing too I hadn’t read about the clear air turbulence a few weeks earlier which injured 27 people on the same Moscow -> Bangkok flight.

When we landed the flight was parked for a while on a taxiway as far as possible from the terminal building and I noticed a fire-truck had pulled up behind us. When we eventually began moving again it followed us to the gate. Strange and disconcerting, the pilot announced we were waiting for clearance to park. Yeah, right.

It felt good to disembark, that’s for sure.

And get home. Going away really makes you appreciate coming back home 🙂

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