Serendipitous Sunday

Had a good weekend, did you?

The wife got paid on Friday so we wasted no time in burning through her cash 😉

Hit up Makro on Saturday as the food in the house was running low. Spent 7K – I tell myself it’s cheaper in the long run but is it? (For you non-Thais, Makro is like a Costco – big-box supermarket)

You want mosquito repellant? You have to buy 4 which is 240 THB. HP Sauce? – A pack of 3 (which is a huge saving over the cost at say Big C). 3 conditioners, 3 shampoos – you get the picture. It’s not hard to ack up a bill in the thousands (of baht).

The frozen cooked prawns were a steal. At about THB 220, we got 20 good sized prawns that we ate after letting them defrost in a bowl of water and they were bloody delicious! Best I’ve eaten in a long, long time and that includes buying fresh seafood from the fish markets in Sydney.

Also managed to find some dahl – frozen but a good-sized packet for another 200 or so baht. Ate some for breakfast this morning with a generous dollop of sour cream. Hard to find over here, the dahl that is.

Thus began a small seafood feast on Saturday night – started with the prawn cocktail, then some fried calamari (home-made too!). Used a flour-butter milk-flour combo for the batter. Worked well, nice and light. Oh and the old buttermilk trick of milk + vinegar = much cheaper than buying buttermilk.

Egg tart with strawberries and cream for dessert – hey it was our belated wedding anniversary celebration.

Spent some quality time together on Sunday afternoon after knocking over the domestic duties in the morning.

Mega Home to look for a bed sheet (turns out these are difficult to buy over here by themselves) – didn’t but managed to purchase 800 baht of over stuff. A new mop, glass jars, a bin, storage containers. Think I’ll give Mega Home a rest for a while as I’m sure wifey is tiring of it eating into our weekend.

Then on to Burger King for lunch bite – spur of the minute decision as we were hurtling down the highway and a post-burger coffee at Black Canyon (good but a little pricey!)

The Mrs steered us towards a 2nd hand store which sells an amazing array of junk which seems to have been mostly imported from Japan.

Interesting business model. Buy shit in one country, move it to another country to sell.

Another 800 baht on stuff (Marie Kondo where are you?) – tray, wine opener, pillow, 2 small cast-iron things which I can see being useful on the bbq. That sort of shit.

Then .. I say again, then .. we stumbled across a real bargain. Stopped at a little ‘mom and pop’ store to buy some cat litter and they had a shelf of junk for sale. It didn’t take me long to spot the Vivo soup ladle (brand new) and I’ve been in the market for one for some time now but never satisfied with what I’ve come across.

“How much?” we ask the proprietor. Not sure – 79 baht (less than USD 3). Pay and GTFO of there. I’m thinking it’s worth around 800 THB but I was way off base – try 1400 THB.


Strange the turns the day took to lead me to that ladle.

Serendipitous I tells ya!

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