Sam de Brito

Sam de Brito

Coming up to two years since we lost de Brito, blogger, author of The Lost Boys and seemingly all-round good bloke. Hit me like a tonne of bricks, when I read of his passing.

Perhaps his finest moment with the pen was accurately describing rugby as penalties interrupted by Qantas ads. Pure gold!

I won’t rehash details (or speculation about the cause) of his death. Not hard to connect the dots on that front.

I guess if people you’ve never met mourn you, then you’ve left your mark. Made a difference.

He did, to a lot of guys, through his AMAL blog. I felt our lives had a symmetry of sorts – he was 7 months older than me and had a daughter roughly the same age as mine.

That’s where the similarities ended. He was way better looking, far smarter and well adjusted.

I won’t make a difference – I’m someone who, in Sam’s words, “eat and shit and drive this planet a couple of minutes closer to being unable to support human life.”

I’ve come to accept that and I think we all wonder if we have or ever will when the lights are turned off and our demons surround us.

The universe has some cruel tricks up its sleeve. You can burn brightly, but briefly. Or endure a long and often meaningless life. There seems little room in-between these extremes.

Sam I don’t think you were lost. You appear to have finally found yourself, a feat many blokes never acheive.


Building a better bloke

I picked the book up but no longer have it – maybe I gave up on myself at some point in time, not sure. What an amazing transformation undertaken by young BK under the watchful eye of Sam. Just look at the pics.

Read about the journey here:
The Candidate

5 posts worth a read

Took a quick skip through the archives and plucked out 5 reads I think are worthy of your time.

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Book cover:

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