Reminiscing with Retropie

Reminiscing with Retropie

Showing my age now.

Time to work on building up my 2nd Rasberry Pi. This time I’m going to install Retropie and see if I can get one of my old games up and running.

• Step 1 – Download Retropie

It’s 612MB so will take a while. Enjoy a nice cup of tea while you wait and read the installation guide.

Don’t attempt to download a file this large via HTTP. Timed out for me, so I used FTP instead.
Downloaded via my webhost using wget, copied into my FTP home directory then used FileZilla to download from host to PC.

When the file download completes, check the filesize against the original:

• Step 2 – Find your SD card

My new 16GB microSD card arrived in the mail yesterday. Thanks again, invadeIT.

The Vilros kit included a USB microSD card reader which is great and solves my first problem. Into the USB port it goes and it’s already formatted so I copy a file onto it to aid in finding its location.

Then df -h handily spits out the following:

/dev/sdb1         15G  288K   15G   1% /media/fiftybahtleo/3164-6134

That’s my puppy and I do a file listing to ensure I can see the copied file as confirmation.

• Step 3 – Extract image to SD card

Read the official guide if you’re new to the process.

We’re using dd to write the image to the SD card. It’s CRITICAL you get the output partition correct otherwise very bad things are likely to happen.

Use gunzip to extract the image

If you’re using ubuntu version < 16.04 the status flag is not supported. Instead, install pv via sudo apt-get install pv then use

You will see a progress bar and when finished:

Check out the guide here.

Does it boot? (a variation of Does it blend?)

Nope! Big laugh 😉

FYI the official boot problem FAQ is lengthy.

Tried twice and no dice. Don’t think I’m making a mistake and now worried about the SD card I’m using (Sandisk 16GB Ultra MicroSDHC UHS-I Class 10)

NOOBS works!

What else is a geek doing at 3.30 AM on a Sunday morning? Testing a NOOBS install, of course!

It took a long time to download, and as FTP kept timing out I had to get the torrent file instead (I use Deluge). Using the woeful condo wifi this took at least 5 hours (it’s a 1.5GB file)

Steps to get NOOBS working:

Download NOOBS
• Copy zip file to fat32 formatted SD card
• Extract zip in place
• Safely eject card reader and move SD card to RPi
• Boot (while fingers crossed)

Before I wasn’t seeing the green LED on my Pi and it came on straight away. Nice

So I guess I won’t be installing Retropie this weekend. Will have to get another SD card and try again.


Formatting SD card with fat32 fs

Came across a super article here with the steps required to format the SD card with the fat32 fs

In summary (using parted)

then format:

sudo mkfs.vfat /dev/sdb1

The OS should then automount the partition and you should be able to see it using your preferred file manager (i.e. dolphin / nautilus)

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