Praise the Lord – A weekend escape to Ban Chang

Praise the Lord – A weekend escape to Ban Chang

The only upside to us now having a car is weekend getaways have become a thing. A good thing.

Last weekend we headed to Ban Chang, a few hours drive south-east of Bangkok.

Having booked into the Lord Nelson Hotel, we wasted no time in heading for the bar after checking-in.

It’s a great little hotel, with a beaut ocean-front bar. Somehow the beers taste a little better when looking out at the ocean on a sunny afternoon. I’m not sure why. Probably because relaxation had taken hold.

After a kick-ass English breakfast on Saturday morning, we headed to Khao Chee Chan (Buddha Mountain), an impressive image of Buddha which was carved into the side of a mountain by lasers in 1996.

The above shot was taken with the panorama setting on my Lumix camera. Turned out well, if I do say so myself.
After that we headed to the nearby Silverlake Vineyard – a bit of a tourist trap with 100 baht coffees to match. Took some nice pictures on an overcast day and jumped back into the car.

Saturday evening was spent catching up with friends before heading back to the hotel around midnight.

Sunday came around way too fast and we drove back home.

A nice weekend and some quality time with wife 2.0

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