If video killed the radio there can be little doubt that the smartphone has killed the postcard. By a quirk of fate, I happened to digitize some that I received some 25 years ago.

Cue a trip down memory lane.


My old flatmate seemed to be enjoying himself on his European vacation. Particularly like the sarcasm about “having a few beers”. Good on ya Texas!


I still struggle to read John’s writing, but he was travelling with his then girlfriend Hannah, continuing his love affair with Brasil. I see a mention of Sugarloaf – I’m jealous, haven’t made it there yet.


Peter took postcards to a whole new level. He traveled extensively in his late teens / early twenties and would fashion them out of the back of six packs of beer or coasters. Very creative indeed! On this occasion he went the traditional route – whether or not he purchased it is a different matter entirely!

Sorry, but I don’t know why Geoff hasn’t written yet!


They loved nothing more than to slot a card into to the post to rub in the fact that you were still working while they were having a blast. The more exotic the location, the better!

Thanks fellas, getting a postcard was always an exciting event. I appreciate you taking the time to send them.