Pimping out the Pi

Thought I should keep track of the apps I’m installing on my Rasberry Pi.

• Dolphin (file manager)
• vim (editor)
• PHP 7.0
• nginx (web server ; removed apache2)
• pinta (graphics)
• VLC media player
• ufw (uncomplicated firewall)
• x11-apps (xclock, xcalc, etc)

Update nodejs
curl -sL https://deb.nodesource.com/setup_7.x | sudo -E bash –
sudo apt-get install -y nodejs


Plugged in the ethernet cable and it just worked! Nice one.

However we no longer have eth0? It’s now exnb827eb071dfd and it isn’t configured via /etc/network/interfaces

Explanation found here:

Predictable Network Interface Names are not new, but prior to Stretch they were not used by default in Raspbian. The new naming scheme no longer uses the traditional interface names such as eth0, eth1, wlan0, etc, and instead uses hardware address based names to avoid ambiguity and prevent the accidental changing of interface names. On the Raspberry Pi, since the Ethernet interface is connected through the usb bus, the mac address is used to identify the interface.

Modify routing table

With both eth0 and wlan0 active, I need to route traffic via wlan0 as a priority.

Did the trick, I didn’t need to add another route.

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