Merry Xmas 2019

How was your Xmas day?

We had a quiet one here, just the two of us if you don’t count the Canadian lobster.

The wife had to work in the morning while I teed up some carols on YT. It was enjoyable to listen to them throughout the day.

We started with some prawns on the BBQ. Note to self – shouldn’t have drowned them in olive oil, the flare-up blackened them somewhat. Still tasted good, though. Washed down with a nice NZ Sav Blanc.

Then on to the lobster which we picked up from Villa Market. Hard to fit it into our biggest pot 🙁 Overcooked it too, but the Mrs loved it, as she hadn’t eaten one before. The smile on her face made Xmas for me. A bottle of sparkling wine to accompany it did the trick.

Finally a cheese platter with some olives and rare roast beef with a glass or two of Aussie Shiraz.

Plans for the apple pie didn’t pan out as we were stuffed. Cooked the filling but had to put it in the fridge. Oh well 🙁

A mini-break: 3 nights in Sathorn

On Friday 27th we headed into Bangkok and stayed at the Ibis Sathorn for a few nights. Headed to a little ‘hole-in-the-wall’ bar in Sala Daeng Soi 1 called Sala Drank Cafe and soaked up decent food, cheapish beers and some great Thai live music.


After haircuts and a foot massage, Saturday saw us head to Chinatown – a move I won’t repeat anytime soon as I just can’t handle crowds anymore. The new MRT station was pure chaos. That night we dined at Ratsstube, a German restaurant in the Goethe Instuite complex in Sathorn. Good well-presented food. A few beers and a couple of glasses of red and we were once again ready for bed.

After an early morning stroll around Lumpini park, Sunday was movie day – we headed to the new-ish Iconsiam alongside the river and after hitting Sushi Den for some nibbles caught the early afternoon session of Knives Out starring Daniel Craig. A good whodunit flick and well-worth the price of admission.

Then we high-tailed it to the Bangkok Screening Room for the 18:30 showing of When Harry met Sally. An oldie but a goodie, most of which I had forgotten. Bruno Kirby dead – shame, I thought he was better than Billy Crystal in this one.

New Years Day party @ Pichit

NYE was a subdued affair – the wife hit the sheets around 8.30 PM while I lasted until a little after 10 PM.

On New Years Day we headed off around 9.30 AM on our road trip to Pichit, and it took us a little over 5 hours to get there including mandatory stops at McDonalds and KFC (the double Big Mac was delicious!).

Our good friend Darryl was throwing on of his regular parties and we’re glad we made the effort even though it’s a long way.

They shouted us a night at a nearby hotel which had a great little pool, and the afternoon dip was most welcome.

A great Thai style party with a chill vibe was a nice way to spend the first day of the year.

The drive back home the next day not so great – 7 hours including a few brief stops.

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I recognise those decorations…
You will have to work on those lamb chops next year for the full elf beard.