Life rolls on

Another first – pushing the wife around the local mall in a wheelchair! I might as well have been driving a bulldozer as people can’t get out of the way fast enough. Lovin it!

In many ways, life rolls on!

Meals have to be prepped, dishes washed and clothes hung out to dry. I’ve got all that sorted, this is where I can really shine. Housework – so meditative!

I washed the car for the first time last weekend. As good a 30-minute workout as I would have had at the gym. Had I attended one. Which I don’t. Hate them almost as much as hospitals.

I’d forgotten how good it is to sit back and look at the shiny motor once the deed is done.

As well as buying a new pair of ‘fitflops’ we also picked up a new TV for the bedroom as the old one is on the fritz. I was leaning towards a 55″ but she over-ruled me and went for a 65″ – you can’t really say no to a chemo patient, now can you?

How’s the patient doing, you ask?

Pretty well, I’d say. Yesterday she finished her 1st round of chemo and hasn’t spewed yet. Yes, I’m as surprised as you are!

She reports a metallic taste in her mouth which makes eating much less enjoyable.

Fatigue is the main issue (hence the wheelchair) – but luckily she can still lift up her phone to check on Facebook.

A good sign.

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Looking great. Say hi from me.
‘A friend told me’ this can help with any appetite problems…
When life gives you lemons…