Last drinks at QPP

Last drinks at QPP

Before the mayhem, we met up with the madcap Darwin-based duo Tim & Allison for drinks when they recently passed through town.

Nearly didn’t – but sitting at home on a Friday night I felt like a complete piker so rustled up the Mrs and bundled her into a Grab for the 1-hour trip into town.

After meeting up at the Ratchada train market, we knocked back a few before heading over to Queen’s Park Plaza on Soi 22 for what would be our last drinks there before they pulled the place down.

Another nail in the coffin of what was once an edgy city. Everything ends. At least I have the memories 🙁

2.30AM and everyone has their drunk-face on!

I used to drink at Country Road as my good mate Marko met his Mrs there (hey, don’t go there!) but Moonshine Pub quickly became my favorite.

Great vibe, but on this occasion, we had the place all to ourselves. Given we arrived late but still. I guess most punters had moved on from the complex after hearing of its demise.

I managed to play some great pool which given I hadn’t held a cue for at least six months was quite a feat. And yes Turtle, that leg wiggle hasn’t gone away.

Weeks later – same bar. cr: stickmanbangkok

The bumbag boys wandered in after midnight and we grabbed a nice photo. (pictured above)

We left the bar around 3.30 AM and then tried to soak up the booze with a good Thai feed from a sidewalk food stall. The city was still humming.

I do miss that side of Bangkok, which for me is the real Bangkok.

Home before sunrise after which sleep came easily.

Papa Winkie makes it into Stickman

Even though I’ve removed myself from the Bangkok bar scene, I’m still a religious stickmanbangkok aficionado. It’s a great way to keep tabs on what’s happening in the City of Angles even though Stick has relocated back to the land of the long white cloud.

I had to laugh when I spotted a photo in one of his recent columns There was ‘Papa Winkie’ sitting in the background in his usual spot out the front of the Corner Bar.

I’d better not say much more about him other than he really likes the Backstreet Boys!

Papa Winkie in his usual spot. credit:

feature image cr foursquare.

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Leg wiggle… ha… whatever works for you…
Looking good guys!!
Had to do a double take on that pic though…
Thought someone had photo-shopped me in for a moment…
But nah, I got more hair… just…