I’ve dropped 24kgs without really trying

I’ve dropped 24kgs without really trying

I’ve been overweight for most of my life – still am but things are heading in the right direction once again 🙂

Friend Marko sent me a pic from Dec 2013 recently and I thought I’d try on the shirt pictured in the photo as I knew I’d dropped a fair amount of weight since then. Wow! – I could now button the shirt up which was impossible when I was at my heaviest (about 133kg).

I’m proud and surprised I’ve dropped a total of around 24kgs – but it’s taken time and there have been no ‘magic bullets’ of which to speak.

31 Aug 2013 -130 KG

Having said that, I think the following has played a part:

  • Getting out of the bar scene

    I exited the Bangkok bar scene a few years ago and this has saved me plenty of cash as well as my marriage. Lost a number of ‘friends’ in the move, guess they were only drinking buddies. Whenever I hit the bars I would spend a few hundred bucks and down between 10 and 15 beers in a session.

    As Ferriss says “Don’t drink calories!”

    I love my beer, always will, but I drink WAY less these days

  • Moderate exercise

    Feb 2011 I weighed 134 kgs = BMI 45+
    Out of control !

    The move out to the suburbs this year makes a morning walk much easier. I usually get into a decent routine which lasts for a few weeks then falls away. Need to improve here.
  • Incidental exercise counts too! Living in a double-story house means navigating the stairs many times a day. Add in taking the rubbish out, hanging out washing and gardening.

  • Intermittant Fasting

    While aware of the literature for some time, I came to realise I prefer not to have dinner much, especially during the week.

    I don’t like going to bed feeling bloated, and don’t see the need for calories late in the day vs earlier.

    Then there’s the cooking and cleaning up after the evening meal which is a chore.

    I see the social aspect of eating together but now save it for the weekends, so I’ve accidentally slipped into a 16:8 type IF routine M-F which has drastically reduced my calorie count.

When I stepped on the scales this morning I was 108.5!

Breaking 100 is now in sight, folks!

Fool me twice, shame on me

So I’ve done some detective work to establish how my weight has fluctuated over the past decade. Scribbles in old journals, medical records and spreadsheets when I was fired up about shifting the kilos.

Here’s how my weight has fluctuated over the past 15 years

No reliable data prior to 2003. My weight blew out in my early 20’s when I ascended from the 85/90 kg range never to return 🙁

When I look at the graph I note some things which will not be evident to you.

Let me explain.

  • Interestingly the absolute peak occurs in early 2011 when I am unhappiest in my first marriage, after spending years ‘trying to make it work’. Te weight starts coming off after I mentally leave and begin to prepare for the future.
  • The second decline comes a few years after my second marriage when I commit to the relationship and stop being an asshole.

There are emotional factors in play, not just calories in, calories out.

Back in 2011, I hit a purple patch where I managed to keep a laser-like focus for 10 weeks and dropped 16 kgs – so that’s what’s possible.

I remember the time well. I was off the booze, walking for an hour most mornings, using weights 3 times a week and eating two slow-carb meals a day.

Oh how I wish I had maintained this lifestyle.

It CAN be done!

2011 weight loss

Week Start End Loss (Gain) Target KG Cum LB Cum KG Avg Date

1 132.7 130.1 2.6 131.45 2.6 5.72 2.6 6/13/2011
2 130.1 127.9 2.2 130.2 4.8 10.56 2.4 6/20/2011
3 127.9 126 1.9 128.95 6.7 14.74 2.23 6/27/2011
4 126 125.7 0.3 127.7 7 15.4 1.75 7/4/2011
5 125.7 123.9 1.8 126.45 8.8 19.36 1.76 7/11/2011
6 123.9 123.3 0.6 125.2 9.4 20.68 1.57 7/18/2011
7 123.3 121.8 1.5 123.95 10.9 23.98 1.56 7/25/2011
8 121.8 120.7 1.1 122.7 12 26.4 1.5 8/1/2011
9 120.7 118.1 2.6 121.45 14.6 32.12 1.62 8/8/2011
10 118.1 118.9 -0.8 120.2 13.8 30.36 1.38 8/15/2011
11 118.9 118.9 0 118.95 13.8 30.36 1.25 8/22/2011
12 118.9 115.9 3 117.7 16.8 36.96 1.4 8/29/2011

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Impressive. Your shirts last 6 years!

But seriously, Looking good 4 u.