In stasis

Nothing puts a dent in your hopes and dreams like cancer. Forget about next month, all we can really do is worry about the immediate future. What’s on the docket for next week, so to speak.

‘In stasis’ – an apt if unusual term.

We’ve finished the first round of chemo and the next one kicks off on March 4th.

We recently filed the insurance paperwork and haven’t heard back yet. Hoping they don’t stuff us around. You only discover how good your insurance is when you make a claim.

The wife then bundled us into an accident policy, which going by her track record means we’ll likely have an accident in the next few years. Such foresight has she!

It’s a rollercoaster ride of emotions.

We were teary at the dinner table last night – can’t remember why. Maybe my char-grilled chicken wasn’t up to scratch? Nope, don’t think that was it.

I try to stay grounded – do some gardening, sweep up the leaves and such.

Mangoes! We have Mangoes! Been in the house just over a year and these are the first decent fruit our tree has produced.

Free food!

Reportedly delicious. These are not the yellow mangos which I really enjoy, more a green sour variety which tends to be dipped into a salt mixture of sorts.

At least they’re fresh and I get to play with the special contraption used to harvest them.

Back to the wife.

Some days she has more energy than others. I think she’s eating more, which is good.

Appetite is a barometer for health, right?

Maybe I should give her some space food sticks?

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Space Food Sticks have been a part of the Australian vernacular since the 1960s. But sadly, they were pulled from stores when they were discontinued in 2014. Now they’re back for a limited time – at the retro-tastic price of $1!…

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Good job. nice mangoes… and once you get tired of eating fresh, you might like to try >>
or a little more involved:>>
My approach is to take the average of the two recipes: Add them together and divide by (what i already have + my budget). Enjoy.


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