Heal Thyself

It’s been a while since I’ve updated everyone on the cancer front. Been difficult to collect my thoughts on the issue.

As some of you have been asking, I thought I’d just push out what I have.

Tam is Ok. Whatever that means. We use the term every day to disguise many feelings, right?

If you ‘look at the patient’ – she has a lot more energy now and is back at work on light duties. But her hair continues to fall out and recently some of the initial symptoms returned, albeit briefly.

There are days where I think she’s got 6 months to live. I don’t see us growing old together. Never did, really but thought I’d be the one to die first. Still surreal.

She has undergone 3 cycles of chemo and has chosen not to pursue further conventional treatment. Instead of radiotherapy, she is undergoing a CBD treatment plan and has radically changed her diet.

She drinks a lot of what I term “crazy cancer juices” now and has quit drinking alcohol. Grazes on fruit

We rarely eat together anymore. I miss that!

To better understand the decision she faced – radiotherapy (RT) would involve removing most of her teeth and then having to undergo 7 weeks of treatment.

It comes down to QoL (Quality of Life) issues. Sometimes the cure is worse than the disease.

Ring a bell in 2020?

This is the conclusion of one medical paper on the issue:

The prevalence rates of mouth dryness or sores, fatigue, decline in hearing, depression, and anxiety were high in npc survivors with a survival time of more than 2 years. These rt -induced symptoms and psychological problems can last for many years after rt .

A recent MRI confirmed her tumor had shrunk. She plans to have another one in a few weeks.

There is pushback from the medical community of course. As I explained to her, it’s an industry and they need sick people to make profits. This has caused her stress, which is the last thing she needs right now.

I made her watch a documentary on Netflix, “Heal” about alternate therapies. I’m proud that she’s made a difficult decision, which I told her had to be her own, because her life could very well depend on it.

I firmly believe the body, when strong enough, can fix most things if we get out of its way.

She needs to believe this too. I think her head’s in the right place now but it just too early to know which way this goes.

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Thx Craig. No-one knows what is best or right but I agree with your thoughts on ‘quality of life’.