Happy New Beer

Happy New Beer

Looks like we all made it safely to 2019. Hope you had a great Xmas (there I said it – No ‘Happy Holidays’ here my friend.)

We decided on a quiet one this time around and headed to the Aussie bar on Sukhumvit Soi 11 for a good time and were not disappointed. Their free BBQ really hit the spot and the drinks were reasonably priced although I’m pretty sure we were over budget when the evening finally wrapped up 🙁

Dragged a few Darwinites along after we bumped into them a week or so earlier at ‘The Clubhouse’ on 23. Glad they turned up on the day as it was looking like a no-show for a while there. (Bangkok traffic strikes again!)

NYE was spent at home packing boxes. New Year, new house, new baby?

Who knows, stranger things have happened.

Hope y’all have a super 2019.


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