Happy Anniversary Babe!

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Nothing says Happy Anniversary like an animated gif within a blog post, right! That’s how the cool kids do it these days, and we need to get with the times’ kiddo!

I know I’m a difficult bastard to live with – I hope I bring some small amount of joy into your world.

Five years! And they said it wouldn’t last (no-they didn’t say that, did they?)

As you know, wood is the traditional gift for this anniversary. Thanks for the lovely table and chair you got me for my office – used every day!

When I have some money I’ll buy you a nice 4 x 2 I promise!

Fellas here’s a tip: Don’t get married towards the end of the month, especially if you’re quasi self-employed. You’ll never have any money to take the Mrs out for a slap-up celebration. Hang on – is that really a bad thing?

Love you heaps babe – you’re the glue which keeps me together. Every time I look at you I’m proud to call you my wife. Punching above my weight, as they say.

Happy Anniversary!

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