GoPro Hero3

GoPro Hero3

Even though I’m someone who’s unlikely to ever get onto a surfboard, I somehow got sucked into buying a GoPro Hero 3 (Hey at least I got it duty free, so saved some bucks there.)

After letting it sit unused for the requsite 6 months I finally got around to using it as a means to teach myself more about video.

Opening the enclosure

Should be easy right? Noooo. Obviously there’s a latch but several attempts to open the case have me feeling like I’ll break the bloody thing. YT to the rescue!

Let’s hope this video never disappears as I seem to have referenced it more than once. That’s a fail in the “don’t make me think” department.

Streaming to VLC Media Player

Gotta say, this article is kinda cool. Technology still surprises me at times – and I like it when it does.

  1. Turn on your GoPro Wi-Fi.
  2. Connect your PC to the GoPro. Your GoPro should now appear in your PC’s list of available wireless networks. Connect to your GoPro as you would to any wireless network. The default password for your GoPro’s wireless network is goprohero.
  3. In your web browser’s address bar, type and press Enter.
  4. Click amba.m3u8.
  5. Copy the entire URL in the address bar by highlighting it and pressing Ctrl + C
  6. Open VLC and navigate to the Media menu to select “Open Network Stream.” Paste the streaming URL in the box beneath “Please enter a network URL” by pressing Ctrl + V.
  7. View your live stream. Press “Play” to launch the VLC Media Player.

Downloading from GoPro

Using the iPhone app is all well and good I prefer to view and work the video on the PC. Copying files using via USB and Nautilus while not the quickest works fine.

Extracting stills from video

So I see that ffmpeg, while still available, is no longer included in the Debian packages. Use avconv instead.

The above command extracts a frame from the GOPR0043.MP4 file at the 12.17 second mark and outputs it to out.png

Here’s what the output looks like:

Finished product. Please drink responsibly this holiday season 🙂 Think of the chairs!

Used some tips from here.

Video Editing

Learning to use FlowBlade which seems to have enough features tokeep a budding amateur like myself busy enough for a while.