Adios Picasaweb

Adios Picasaweb

It seemed easy enough – everything does in the tech world. Turned out Picasaweb is in the process of being taken to the slaughterhouse. I’m always late to the party, only signed up for it a few months back, thankfully. Google photos is the NKOTB.

As I’m running this blog on Redhat’s Openshift PaaS, I need to be careful that media uploads don’t destroy my 1GB storage limit. Thus using an image hosting service is a must, and I need one that can play nicely with WP, so I went with Picasaweb.

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Here are the hurdles I had to clear to get travel photos into the blog.

Make the album public

Seems easy enough, right. Nope. Google photos supports sharing with a link but not public albums, per se. At least not easily. There are a few solutions to be found here. I went with Picasaweb desktop app.

Get Picasa 3 running under Wine

I shudder when I need to rely on a Win app now. Wine is an imperfect science. Things went well until we got to the google sign-in stage. No dice. All the articles on the interwebs about this issue take the difficult approach of using winetricks with IE8 and some code repository ‘WineZeug’ with has moved to Github.

To cut a long story short, it’s a classic example of thinking about the problem at hand. This is a Windoze app. Pop quiz – where are settings stored. Did I hear someone say the registry? Aha! I can’t take the credit but the solution is elegent, as it should be. Give this man a cigar.

That’s why it’s a must IMHO to run some type of virtualisation s/w. I like Oracle Virtualbox. Makes solving problems like these much easier – and some stuff will just not run under Wine (or is flakey)

Get the photos into WP

I looked at a few different plugins:

I went with Shashin, that is to say I got it working. Couple of things you need to do:

  1. Edit the ShashinDatabaseFacade.php file. See this post The plugin will then activate.
  2. When adding the photo album into WP you will need to reformat URLS into the format Read this
  3. With the album in WP you are good to go with shortcodes. Read all about that at the developers website.

JIG looks impressive. When I can scrape 30 bucks together I am so owning it !

Having said that Shashin is doing exactly what I wanted. Let’s hope Google don’t make further API changes and break the bloody thing beyond repair. (the plugin is no longer being maintained)

Just another day at the office.