Getting the Ricoh SP230 DNw up and running on Ubuntu 14.04

Let’s call it a Xmas present to myself – I purchased this printer as my old HP Laserjet had finally given up the ghost. It owed me nothing as I managed to squeeze about 8 years out of it!

Remember kids – getting it out of the box is the easy part, it the setup where the rubber meets the road.

First I tried to run the installation program on the CD which needed a Windoze box, enter my trusty Virtualbox VM with Win10 as a guest OS.

Hit a roadblock when it couldn’t detect the SSID of my router – after some Googling I threw up my wifi dongle, which allowed Win10 to see the wifi network in question but the setup program still refused to budge even though I ensured the VM had access to this USB device.

I ended up having to use the WLAN setup wizard on the printer control panel. Entering the network key this way was painful, to say the least but it worked.

Thankfully I had not changed the admin password on my router and was able to view the wireless settings by navigating to the router’s IP address.

It was then easy to confirm DHCP had assigned the printer an IP address.

I’m running Ubuntu trusty 14.04 and there’s no package directly referencing this version so I’ll try the 16.04 version (Ver.4.0.0 Released Date: 21/07/2018).

For some reason, the download is a Windows EXE file which you’ll need to run thru Wine to get to the debian payload. I had to search where the My Documents folder is (always forget, eh) and it’s in the hidden .wine folder within your home directory (at least it was for me).

Package installation was a snap, just open the deb file with the package installer through the UI.

Notice the line before Done.

That’s not what I want so I need to jump into CUPS admin (localhost:631) and modify the printer settings.

After selecting the detected network printer Ricoh SP 230 DNw I had to click the Modify printer button.

All that was then left to do was to add the printer node name to my local hosts file (/etc/hosts) and test connectivity.

I printed a test page through the CUPS interface and then cracked a coldie!

Al-in-all this went pretty smoothly – just wished I hadn’t wasted time trying to setup the printer using the Windows app.

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Simple really. Sounds like a day well spent… which is why i don’t have a printer… or a smart phone… or a tablet… but I admii it’s getting harder and harder to avoid these necessary frustrations of modern connected life.