What’s on my mind? Facebook Toxicity

What’s on my mind? Facebook Toxicity

OK So I liked ‘The Social Network’ but in general I find FB, or Farcebook as I affectionately call it, to be one of the greatest time wasters ever invented.

It’s nothing more than a cross between a narcissists paradise and an extension of the school playground with all the associated bullying. Popularity contests reign supreme with likes the currency. (I aced it last week when a pithy comment got 11 or so likes – I rule!)

I don’t remember my school years all that fondly, and while it is interesting to see what people are up to, it hasn’t changed my social circle in any way. I still prefer to meet people IRL.

I also think there are serious privacy concerns with a lot of the information people share on it without so much as a thought. The internet is forever, as many have discovered to their detriment.

Before smartphones pictures seemed less staged. More natural, capturing small moments in time. Am I alone in thinking this?

Now everyone sticks up two fingers or insists on photographing their food before eating it. Look at me, here I am, look what I’m eating. I’m the square peg, as always, trying to stuff myself into a round hole.

I think the US elections have driven me to the edge here – every 2nd post is now attacking Trump or Clinton, and while I had hopes that this would end on November the 8th, I’m not so sure.

I occasionally come across something useful or discover someone interesting, but I’m not sure this will justify my continued usage. I refuse to be a slave to the machine and allow an app to determine my self-worth on a daily basis. Just my personality coming through, I guess.

I wonder if this is just a passing fad. Technology doesn’t always improve our lives for the better.


You’re a winner De Merindol! – some sprinkles coming your way, bro!