Emmet & Notepad++ on Ubuntu

Had a wander around the web in the wee hours of this morning and came across Emmet which I thought looked interesting so I downloaded npp to get it going.

I’ve been hand-coding my HTML for 18 months now which has been a great learning experience. It’s getting a little tiresome now and I need some help 🙂

Opened and installed with Wine and guess what? It just worked! Amazing.

Next I had to get the plugin manager going which is no longer bundled with npp. Grab it here

Note the C:/Program Files folder is under the (hidden) .wine folder in your home dir.

Once you have the npp plugin manager working grab the Python Script plugin and then the Emmit plugin. The system will prompt you to restart after each plugin install.

Here’s what mine looks like now:

As for Emmet documentation they have provided a good cheat sheet which can be downloaded as a pdf.

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