Craigo’s Green Mango Chutney

I’m preserving so it’s safe to say the end of days are nearing. Turns out preppers weren’t so crazy after all. Oh, what I’d give to be somewhere in rural Australia cut off from the rest of the world with a whole bunch of jars in my root cellar.

Never happened.

Reader ‘Turtle’ suggested I put the fresh mango’s growing on our tree to good use and pointed out two recipes worth considering:

How to make green mango chutney

Chutney and cheese are my relationship #goals.

Green Mango Chutney Recipe – Lifestyle 0:30 PREP * 0:45 COOK 20 Ingredients Nutritional analysis per serving (10 servings) Note: The information shown is Edamam’s estimate based on available ingredients and preparation. It should not be considered a substitute for a professional nutritionist’s advice. Powered by

Not surprisingly I went with the first one. It’s simpler and I didn’t want to complicate things more than necessary being my first time and all.

For bonus points, I decided to make my own Garam Masala from what I had lying around. Had to skip the onions, didn’t have any and couldn’t be bothered making another trip to the store.

As luck would have it I picked up a few Kilner preserving jars at the mall before it shut down. Good timing!

I used 6 mangos as I felt I needed to account for wastage – they’re a bugger to cut, nothing like the soft and juicy yellow ones. A few times I nearly added a fingertip to the mix.

Here’s what the process looked like from start to finish.

Felt this alchemy should best occur in my trusty Sunbeam electric frying pan. Still works, at least a decade old. Things were built to last back then! So lucky it was part of the divorce settlement.

I have an induction cooktop but it tends to cut-out after about 40 minutes or so (fuse) so it’s not the best option when a long slow cook is required.

Forgot to add raisins. Dang it!

After spending a while looking into various sterilization methods I settled on microwaving the jars after a hot soapy wash and boiling the lids in water for a minute or so.

After bottling (?), I inverted the jars as the interwebs instructed while they cooled.

Then into the pantry. Thought I’d leave them for a few weeks to ‘age’.

Who knows? The way things are going this might be my primary food source in the not too distant future.

The proof will be in the tasting. I’m guessing not as good as Sharwoord’s but much cheaper 🙂

Fingers crossed my first outing into this bizarre subculture isn’t a complete disaster.

Stay tuned!

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Sounds good. Actually pretty hard to get totally wrong…. unless you burn the brew …or don’t seal the jars properly… so how’d it go?