Craig Amos | CV

Craig Amos | Curriculum Vitae

Personal Information

Based in Bangkok, Thailand

Career Overview and Objectives

An IT journeyman, I have worked across a diverse range of industries from Banking and Finance to digital startups.

You’ll likely know some of the companies I’ve worked for such as IBM and JP Morgan. They’re household names after all.

As my IT career progressed I sought out more interesting work at the expense of career progression into management roles.

My MBTI is ISTP. The virtuoso.

Virtuosos are born problem-solvers with an unwavering focus on practical solutions

I seek to work with talented, passionate and committed people wherever they be found.

My motto is “Do the best you can, with what you have, wherever you find yourself.”

Still reading?

For more insights into my psyche I suggest you take a look at the ‘cheat sheet‘ I threw together about myself.

I must confess though It’s a little out of date 😞


“Great piece. And the news changes look amazing. Seriously man, your input has been top notch.”
— Chris Parry. CEO

“Your work with our database has been extraordinary and it’s only due to your diligence, understanding of our needs and attention to detail that has enabled MEAA to be in a position to move forward with the confidence that we can deliver on this new platform.

Can’t thank you enough for all of your fantastic work and attention to detail.”

— Melissa McAllister. Director – MEAA Member Central

“His initiative and understanding of our requirements has made our organisation unique in that our
membership services, professional programs, account reporting and distribution of our Equity
residuals income work as a complimentary system saving us time and money.

On a personal level, I’ve always found Craig to be a constant source of support and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed our working relationship. I regard his dedication and resourcefulness as two of his greatest strengths and would be pleased to recommend him for any role that he pursues.” — Melissa McAllister, Director Member Central

Work Experience

Equity.Guru Vancouver BC Canada July 2016-May 2020
Chief Technology Officer

  • Working remotely across both North American and Asian time-zones I played an integral part in moving a bootstrapped digital media startup from a coffee shop to a downtown office with revenues > 1M CAD pa
  • Oversaw mailing list growth from sub 100 to > 5,000 subscribers
  • Migrated website from legacy host to DigitalOcean droplet (VM) to enable complete website architecture control
    • Utilized H20 webserver: Cutting edge, better than Nginx
    • Sphinxsearch – it’s just cool!
    • Implemented SEO techniques which often had our articles on front page of Google
    • Upgraded site from HTTP -> HTTPS using LetsEncyypt
    • Wrote PHP scripts to provide writers with client-centric metrics using Google Charts and WordPress metadata
  • Went the extra mile by writing website content focusing on cannabis stocks listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX)

    Core competencies for this role included:
    Wordpress, PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JS, Linux (Server admin)

    Previous roles

    Thai Language Hut Bangkok, Thailand June 2014-May 2016
    Freelance IT Admin and Support

    Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance 2003-2014
    Software Architect & MSSQL DBA
    Key Deliverable: Design and deploy a billing system to maximise available income.

    BAU key responsibilities

    •The day-to-day administration of the SQL Server
    •Management and resolution of incident reports and bug fixes using Fogbugz.
    •Release of patches and periodical updates.
    •Design and implementation of version 2.x of the system.

    Read more..

    Legacy roles with IBM Global Services Australia, Chase Manhattan and Wang
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Last updated: January, 2021

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This was an interesting read Cra1g ahha