Cloudy, with a chance of chemo

At least she has a decent view, I thought, as I ponder the 200 buck plus price of the room for her one night stay.

Ah, the concrete jungle which is Bangkok. How I miss gazing out at it while near comatose in the back of a taxi after the bars have called “Time, Gentlemen”. While the jungle animals were mostly asleep and the traffic a little lighter. Those halcyon days.

Be here now.

We’ve checked in to the hospital and visited the food court. Pretty decent offerings by the look of it but I’m not hungry.

The Mrs has been told to eat as much as she can. If you’re a woman you’ve got to love that right? Not having to watch your weight, I mean.

I don’t stay long – here’s the thing. I hate hospitals. The smell of death seems to surround you everywhere.

After she’s settled in I take the MRT to Lumphini and check-in to my hotel. Argue with the staff when they want me to sign a receipt with an incorrect credit card number. Folks, here’s how it works: I pay, they pay you less a commission. I’ve already paid them and ain’t paying you again. Besides, I ain’t got a Mastercard.

Don’t get me started on the ‘deposit’ you now have to pay almost everywhere – what a wank! I’m smart enough not to use the mini-bar. If I need a beer I’ll walk to the 7/11 and buy one for half the price.

I take a sauna and am surprised it works. Get the temp up to about 79 degrees and enjoy the solitude, after which I jump into the pool to cool down for a while.

It’s entirely surreal to be back in Sathorn – we were both here at Xmas enjoying a mini-break and life was carefree.

Now I’m here alone and it’s not the same.

Nothing is the same without her. Ricky Gervais #Afterlife is becoming a little to real for me now. Speaking of which I can’t wait to see the new series. Best. Comedian. Ever.

Maybe I need to buy a dog?

No, too soon!

Besides, I’ve already had one. I’m sure you’re long gone fella (can’t give his name that could compromise my security questions!). RIP.

I monitor the wife’s chemo transfusion from a nearby bar, where I gladly pay 130 THB for a big bottle of Leo and suck them back as if prohibition is being introduced into Thailand the next day.

We were there together a few months back and had a great night.

It’s not the same without her.

Then grab a bite to eat at the nearby Burger King.

It’s not the same without her.

I pop into the hospital to check on the patient. She is sleepy and needs to rest.

And here’s the problem I have with the Thai hospital ‘model’.

Her niece stays the night with her. Nice, but isn’t that what the nurses are for? You’re in hospital for treatment and rest. When constantly surrounded by family I’m sure it’s a distraction. Unless you’re about to let out a death rattle anytime soon I don’t see the point.

Visiting – yes. This is the ‘farang’ way. Cultural differences, I guess.

I find being at the hospital frustrating. Many doctors can’t speak English, so I need the wife to update me on what’s happening.

I’m sure my being there creates stress in some ways. If she’s honest she’d agree.

I let her sleep and make my way back to the hotel, buying a nightcap from the 7/11.

Here’s the tip – if doing so, buy the smallest can of beer you can as you’ll likely only get through half of it before the events of the day catch up with you.

It’s time us both to rest so we can fight another day.

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Love your writing mate… channeling you inner Ricky G… dry as a desert and sharp as a tack…
Keep telling it like it is.