Burger quest: Daniel Thaiger on Soi 11

Burger quest: Daniel Thaiger on Soi 11

There’s good reason people rave about Daniel Thaiger’s burger offerings in Bangkok – they’re ahead of the rest and have been for some time now.

Starting out from a food truck, I first came across them a few years back at a ‘Winterfest’ – but the line was so long I grabbed something else to eat.

They’ve now opened up in a few locations, one being tucked down the end of Sukhumvit Soi 11 (before it ‘forks’) at Brews and Cider.

When the missus and I had a few baht burning a whole in our pocket some months ago, we hit them up on a Thursday night and lined the stomach before heading to Hillary on Soi Nana to meet up with some friends.

Grease running through your fingers is part of the fun – these burgers aren’t meant to be eaten with a knife and fork!

If you haven’t tried them yet – get to it!

Quite simply – The best burgers in Bangkok.

Cost wise? think of it like this – beers are 300, burgers are 300.

You decide how many 😉

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