A new NAS – Zyxel NAS326 2-Bay Personal Cloud Storage

A new NAS – Zyxel NAS326 2-Bay Personal Cloud Storage

This has been a project 5 years in the making. It happens.

Was going to build my own NAS many years ago but it never eventuated. Purchased a few Seagate 500GB SATA II Internal HDDs from eBay back in April 2011 for around $100 each and was going to put them in a Thermaltake HDD canister picked up from newegg. (via PriceUSA ; a great service!)

USD 70 down the drain 🙁 I think I ended up jettisoning the canister during one of my many moves.

Also picked up a CF Adapter Card and a Kingston 8GB CF card on the same order. The plan was to use FreeNAS and an old PC. This will turn out to be a better solution, but that’s what happens when you wait 6 years I guess!

Does anyone still use CF these days?

Now I intend to put those Seagate drives to use. I’ve had a good run with my existing NAS, but I don’t want to tempt fate so need to backup those files. I will configure this new box with 2 of the 500GB drives using RAID0 giving me 1TB of storage, which matches the capacity of my WD NAS.

If you’re interested in the Zyxel NAS326 the manual can be downloaded here:

It gets some mixed reviews but I’ve had a Zyxel router for a number of years and I’m happy with the brand. Also good to see the company is continuing to support their products via new firmware upgrades.

My expectations aren’t super-high. Purchased it here in Thailand from invadeIT, a great company. Anyone looking to buy IT gear over here should check out their website, which I find easy to use. They have fantastic customer service, which can be a rarity in these parts.

A touch pricey @ THB 4,700 (USD 140). While Amazon has them for USD 90, it’s the shipping fees and import duties which can be a killer, often doubling the cost of the item. Paid for the order this morning and it should arrive in a few days.

New functionality

There is a tonne of functionality built into the Zyxel NAS 326, much of which I’m sure I’ll either never use or doesn’t work 😉

I’m looking forward to seeing if I can get the following going, however:

  • Sync with GooglDrive – kinda cool
  • Publish a web share
  • Music streaming – I would love to finally consolidate my music library! I’ll have to ditch iTunes and look into using Amarok instead.

A few projects to keep me busy for the next few months. Great!

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