48 hours in Singapore

48 hours in Singapore

The time had come to once again undertake the dreaded visa run. In order to cheapen the trip a little I had cashed in my FF miles for return flights from BKK-SIN and we made an early morning start from the crib to catch SQ973 bound for the little red dot.

Been there before but they’ve all been short trips, just a few days each time. Why? Tell ’em the price son!

Singapore is bloody expensive. Allow S$500 per day if you intend on having a few drinks at beer o’clock..


After clearing immigration (they now have biometric scanners – new!) we made our way to the MRT station at T2 and headed for Chinatown. Found a decent enough hotel on Temple street for S$130 a night including tax and headed for our favorite little watering hole where a few large bottles of Tiger were quickly dispatched.

Back on the MRT and out to ION Orchard so the wife could add to her collection of Charles & Keith handbags. I hung out in Starbucks and demolished a tasty muffin while drinking some green tea that I picked up at Muji.

Then it was off to Marks & Spencer – some ladies wear for her and I grabbed some stuff at their supermarket. Taxi back the hotel (S$10) and we found a cheap noodle dinner before hitting the hay.


A breakfast of Dim Sum is always a winner and we’d been to this little restaurant before. After a feast of har gow washed down with Jasmine tea, we headed out to Little India to check out the Mustafa Centre.

07-Jul-2017 12:51, Apple iPhone 4S, 2.4, 4.28mm, 0.017 sec, ISO 50

I love my Groovy Map but it told me to get off one stop before we had to, so we had a rather long walk. It’s a cavernous place and has some great prices so expect a decent crowd. Glad we weren’t there on the weekend.

We bought a tonne of stuff and I picked up a new backpack which came in handy to throw it all in. Oh, and a Mango Lassi (I had two!)

Then it was off to Sentosa. I’d been to Singapore about 4 times before and never made it there and was determined to tick it off the list this time round.

MRT to Vivo City mall and the Sentosa express across to the island. Headed straight for Palawan Beach where we settled into some nice chairs at the Bora Bora beach bar and kicked off the shoes for a few hours.

Like my new sunnies? Got ’em duty-free for 5K THB. A long overdue purchase as the old ones are fooked.

After a handful of beers and some nachos we made our way back, stopping in at Brewerkz on the way. It’s located on the boardwalk leading back to Vivo city (tip: don’t take the travelators!)

Nice place. Sampled some of their craft beers (I recommend their Wheat beer!) and refueled with a chicken satay while relaxing in blissful AC comfort. (Scorching outside!)

07-Jul-2017 18:07, Apple iPhone 4S, 2.4, 4.28mm, 0.017 sec, ISO 64

Paid the bill (S$86) OMFG!!

With a brace of beers under our belt, we headed back to Mustafa so the wife could pick up a few extra things forgotten the first time round – that turned out to be a bad call. She got lost, I got Moody (as she calls it) and, well, you get the picture…


Time to head home. Made our way out to the Changi, chased up a small tax refund and spent the last of our Singapore dollars before climbing on board SQ974 for the quick trip back to Bangers.

Thanks Singapore but I don’t plan on being back anytime soon. Adios amigo.

Budget breakdown

Hotel for 2 nights: S$260
Noodle Dinner for 2 with a large beer: S$20
Dim Sum for 2: S$25
Drinks @ Bora Bora S$75
Drinks @ Brewerkz S$86
MRT: Cheap (less than 2 bucks per ride per person)
Taxis (not too bad)
Shopping: Spent too much! But tea bags are so much cheaper than in Thailand! (S$8 for 200 tea bags – Lipton)

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