Uncle Festers Rainbow Bean Salad

Uncle Festers Rainbow Bean Salad

So I asked a mate for the recipe for his bean salad, as I’m a fan and I have not been able to replicate it – he must be sitting on a secret. Here’s what he got back to me with:

well it’s a little different everytime depending on what I have handy…

Steamed green beans
Sliced carrots (I usually throw the carrots in after a minute or two so they don’t get too soft) …
Some diced pumpkin or squash or some dried lentils in the water under the steamer

Then into a bowl with:

Finely chopped onion
Chopped red capsicum
Canned kidney beans
Chick peas and/or mixed beans
Corn kernels

All those great colours…

The Dressing

  • olive oil
  • balsamic or apple cider vinegar
  • lemon or lime juice
  • salt
  • pepper
  • raw brown sugar

… quantities are always a guess but can’t really go wrong – just make to taste… but flavours will soak in better the longer the salad cools in the fridge…

Day 2 I add some chopped cucumber and celery to give a bit of fresh crunch and use up all the dressing…

forgot to mention. stir well