Review – The Tavern

Review – The Tavern

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“A small slice of the States” proclaims the sign that adorns this bar on Soi Nana. This bar lives up to it’s name as it is a popular haunt for American expats and visitors alike who find themselves in Bangkok

Sadly the former owner and founder Scott Lawson passed away earlier this year.

‘Tip’ and the girls are soldiering on and I’m sure they would love you to drop in for a cold one and a bite to eat. It’s one of the few bars on the soi that has had very little staff turnover in all my years here.

It’s a compact bar with seating for about 20 pax at a pinch. You can also sit outside, a must if you fancy a lung buster.

Two TV screens show all the major US sporting action and the place is hopping come Superbowl time and Thanksgiving, as you’d expect.

The food has always been something that has anchored the bar, and the Buffalo wings with Blue Cheese dressing are one of my dietary staples. They serve breakfast from 7 AM and the bar doesn’t close until 1 AM in the morning so it’s a great place to grab a late night burger.

I reckon they have the coldest beer on the soi, thanks to the staff meticulously overseeing stock rotation throughout the day. I’ve spoken about this before. Hat’s off to’em. Grab a icy Tiger Light and choke it with a wedge of lime – you’ll thank me later, I promise.

If beer’s not your thing then how does a 135 THB Bloody Mary sound? (at another bar I won’t mention I was charged 240 for one that was nowhere near as good!)

They also have one of the best line-up of spirits around including many bottles that you will NOT find in other bars – and it’s all the real McCoy (not sure if they have that, though..)

Pop in and judge for yourself.

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