The sun sets on Shashin

The sun sets on Shashin

It appears the popular Shashin WordPress plugin is no more. Although its developer Mike Toppa stopped supporting the plugin a number of years ago, it has now been pulled from the WP plugin repository and usage documentation seems to have disappeared.

No surprise really, as Google has been slowly but surely killing the integration with Picasa after launching Google Photos (Google acquired Picasa in 2004).

I’ve blogged about Picasa pain before.

Additionally, the Picasa desktop application no longer works.

Where does that leave the existing user base?

The plugin still works for existing Google albums, at least. You will, however, need to be technically minded to coerce it into playing nicely with WordPress.

Casper Baghuis is the man with his finger on the pulse. Jump over and read his detailed post on the current state-of-play.

Here are some other resources which you may find useful:

Feature Photo by Jason Blackeye on Unsplash
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