Pizza Legend vs El Supremo

Pizza Legend vs El Supremo

Not familiar with the game?

It’s fun but once you learn the key strategy (attempt to roll as many sixes as you can) there’s not much room for creativity. It then just comes down to luck.

You do, however, need a good playing name 🙂

Yahtzee has been cited as a precipitating factor in a case of domestic violence and as the motive for at least one murder.

I pipped him at the post, it all came down to the last game where he dropped his topping only scoring 53 in the top half.

A nice way to spend the afternoon with a mate and a dozen beers.

Pizza Legend

Games won 3/7
Game high 264
Top Bonus 3/7
Yahtzees 1
High 3K 28
High 4K 29
LS 7/7
HS 4/7
FH 7/7

El Supremo

Games won 4/7
Game high 274
Top Bonus 4/7
Yahtzees 0
High 3K 28
High 4K 30*
LS 7/7
HS 4/7
FH 7/7


LS = Low Straight aka Small Straight
HS = High Straight aka Large Straight
FH = Full House
3K = 3 of a kind
4K = 4 of a kind
Top Bonus = did player recieve 35 bonus points for scoring >= 63 in top half of card
Yahtzee = 5 of a kind

*ouch ; missed out on 20 points there 🙁

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