LL Bean surprises, thankfully

LL Bean surprises, thankfully

Hey, if you’ve got a blog, might as well use it to get something off your chest, right?

This started out as a post intending to put the boot into LL Bean. Then something good happened – I actually received a positive response from their customer service folks.

The backstory

I’m a big guy and buying clothes isn’t fun at all, especially in Thailand. Shoes and shorts are two items I simply cannot buy off the rack. Enter on-line commerce.

After hitting their website, which is aimed at the global marketplace, I placed my order and waited. Then I waited some more.

I followed up with an email at the 9 day mark, only to be told that the order was being processed. Strange, because order fulfillment doesn’t usually take that long these days (generally speaking)

Then I saw the money had been returned back into my account, which made me assume that the order had been cancelled. Disappointed, as although I was broke, I really needed the shorts. I have two pairs at the moment and they are falling apart, having both been repaired numerous times by loving little ladies inhabiting nearby sois. (Where would I be without them.)

I live in these shorts. I love these shorts (comfortable, and they dry quickly). I need a few new pairs. Like really need ’em.

I need the shorts!

They’ve come to the party, confirmed that the order has not been cancelled, and waived the shipping cost (USD 37) so now I’m just hoping the shorts arrive in the weeks to come.

Thanks LL Bean – your CS staff have resotred my faith in your company.

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