Last run to Savanakhet

Last run to Savanakhet

Is there anything worse than traveling when sick? Yes – being in Laos and not being able to imbibe the glorious local beer on offer there.

And so it was when I had another early morning departure from Don Meung, flying into Ubon Ratchatani under cloudy skies.

I took the Nok Air ‘fly and ride’ service and traveled to Mukdahan by van along with one other passenger – luxury!

From the Ploy Palace hotel I grabbed a quick energy drink which I chugged in the back of a tuk-tuk bound for the Friendship Bridge II before crossing the border into Laos.

My paperwork filed and my wallet USD 30 lighter, I waited for the bus to ferry me across the Mekong before another driver delivered me to my hotel just around the corner from the Night Market.

Thus began two boring days where I spent the majority of the time curled up in the foetal position on the end of the bed in front of the makeshift air-conditioner which one Trip Advisor reviewer has described as not much more than a glorified fan.

I was on the Stickboy tour of Savan – stayed at the same hotel but unlike him could not enjoy the nearby bars due to a stomach ailment.

A small issue with the paperwork for my Non-O immigrant Thai visa, luckily picked up and sorted quickly before handing over 5,000 THB and collecting my passport the following day from the consulate.

Thankfully, I’m pretty sure this is the last time I will have to do this – my time in Thailand is coming to an end. Not sure what’s next, but I’m getting sick of being here.

Popped in to Dolly’s Cafe – a nice spot and owner Mike a good host. Managed to put away some beans on toast on my last day there but my gut wish I hadn’t.

Savanakhet is less of a dust-bowl than it used to be but there’s fuck all to do there other than eat and drink. Not the sort of place you want to visit with a dodgy gut, that’s for sure!

Then the return trip to Ubon, which was a pain in more ways than one. Ended up in the emergency room at Ubon Rak hospital in the wee hours of Saturday morning and writhing in pain for a few hours before being dosed with an injection full of opiates.

Not sure how many lives I have left now but I’m guessing it’s less than 9, surely.

All up – a waste of about 15K THB and four days. Oh the joy of remaining a legal alien in the Kingdom of Thailand.

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Sorry to hear that. Hope all ok now. Give me some warning for your return plans. Likely have some temp accomodation in Sydney, Lismore or Nowra for you… although they don’t know it yet : ) … temporary is subject to interpretation.