Hotmail – not so hot

Hotmail – not so hot

I’ve recently gone through the process of trying to reclaim my wife’s Hotmail account – to no avail. Yet again I’m forced to remind you, dear reader, that you don’t own anything! (Especially if it’s cloud based)

Hotmail has an interesting history, and you might know something about it if you are older than 30. For some reason I never had a Hotmail address but I know a few people that still do (I’m looking at you, Turtle!1)

The takeaway – If you forget your password you will be forced to step through a stupid AI algo facing web page whereby you need to provide a whole bunch of info that is sitting in your email account – that you can no longer access. Perfect Catch 22.

After about 10 tries (you’re allowed 3 in the first 24 hours) you’re locked out forever. Forget about talking to a human. Not possible (on the free plan, anyway)

Luckily there wasn’t anything too important in there. But it’s a real PIA, and time consuming, to move your life to a new email addy (and they know it!)

Looking Back

How many email addresses have you had? I’ve had accounts with OzEmail, Bigpond, Fastmail as well as a few mates who were running ISPs (not including work email)

I now stick to Gmail and Yahoo mail. Hey, remember when you needed an invite to join Gmail?

Hate getting inbox spam just to register for a ‘one off’? Then check out Trashmail.

If encrypted mail sounds interesting then take a look at Protonmail.

1. Correction: As was pointed out to me, it was Rocketmail not Hotmail. Now there’s a name I haven’t heard in a long time!

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