Happy Hour Whores

Happy Hour Whores

We’ve discovered a nice little roof-top bar close to the crib. No, I won’t share the location with you as I want to keep it all to myself for the next few months (along with all the Chinese tourists, of course!)

Their 2 for 1 drink deal includes a couple of local beers and some cocktails, so we tucked into Heineken for 60 odd baht a glass and Long Island Iced Teas for 120.

Don’t forget the ++ (10% service charge and 7% VAT) which adds nearly 20% to the bill – don’t tip as you are already paying one!

Running exactly one hour from 7 PM until 8 PM you’ll need to arrive promptly and keep a close eye on the time to fit a few in at these discount prices.

For dinner we headed to a Chinese restaurant around the corner, there are a bunch of them in the Huay Kwang district now with good food and prices to match.

Then back to the crib where we knocked over a few more beers and threw on a Thai karoake CD which pleased the locals no doubt.

Threw our guests out at midnight – I needed my beauty sleep.

Good times.

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