Death of the Desktop

Death of the Desktop

I’ve disassembled what I imagine is my last desktop. While I’ve wanted to build an HTPC for some time I doubt that will happen anytime soon, either.

It gave me pause to reflect on the PC’s I’ve owned over the years.


Mum helped me buy a VIC-20 when I was in my teens – OK, so I’m showing my age now.

It came in handy when I was holed up in my room while the parents waged war on each other elsewhere in the house. Endless hours of playing Rat Race, Lunar Lander and Night Drive, while teaching myself BASIC programming. Oh how I miss the you of loading programs from cassette tape.

I still envied my mate Jasons’ Trash-80 (He had the model III) and would often spend time at his crib where we played Planet Miners. It helped keep the lustful thoughts about his older sister Melissa at bay.


Those were the days!

I actually held on to it for quite some time, but you can’t carry stuff around forever. That’s because you don’t own anything.


In this case, Build your Own.

Learning to put together a PC was a great step forward, and stood me in good stead for the next decade. After I purchased a ‘lemon’ in the late 80’s, I vowed never to make that mistake again and would always source cases and components myself to come up with a custom build.

That was the only way to learn how everything actually hung together. Sure mistakes were made along the way, but you can’t get into too much trouble with 15V.

Modems, IDE drives, Zip Drives and SCSI cards would litter the floor. I’ll even confess to owning an ORB drive which was a complete shocker! Terrible thing.


I’d scour auction sites for old chassis’s then have to pick up parts on Ebay to get them going. You can see them (IBM xSeries) under the desk in my old office at MEAA . There’s a Dell too. Geez, how many PC’s did I need?

05-Feb-2008 16:03, SONY DSC-W55, 2.8, 6.3mm, 0.067 sec, ISO 320

Not sure about that wallpaper!

The Laptop era

Slowly but surely, laptops replaced desktops. I somehow fell under Michael Dell’s spell and helped him make millions in the process. That love affair has ended now and I wouldn’t touch them with the proverbial 50ft pole. I probably went through 2 or 3 Dells before we parted ways, purchasing the last one in 2008.

Currently have an Acer which I love, purchased from the now defunct Dick Smith. The only mildly amusing fact is that I didn’t realise that it didn’t have an optical drive when I bought it.

Before that I had an Asus which turned out to be disappointing. Too heavy, too noisy and too hot. Still have it, but rarely use the darn thing. Now I know why they were trying to get rid of it for a bargain price.

Mobile Computing

I’ve never really taken to it, which is strange being a technologist (or maybe not?). I don’t trust mobile apps with financial data. My iPhone 4S still gets the job done but my wifes iPhone 6 is much sexier indeed.

A fun little trip down memory lane.